Thursday, May 10, 2012

Slight Adjustments

When I returned from school, I had to assimilate some of the new things I acquired throughout the year into my room at home. Now that I have been home for almost two weeks (which is starting to seem like forever), I have worked these new items into my much larger space at home. It is always fun to update and redecorate. I feel it is imperative to always be transforming in order to stay inspired!

[ A bracelet roll is home to my most worn bracelets, including my new spikes! ]

[ I moved my ever-expanding nail polish collection onto a sterling silver tray. ]

[ A print which once hung above my bed now spices up a once-empty wall. ]

[ This swarm of butterflies has followed me from Stockholm (where they were purchased) to my dorm, to my house, and have finally settled above my bed. ]

[ I have added some new books, the Steve Jobs biography and my Economics of Gender textbook, to my collection.]

[ My map still hangs above my desk, constant inspiration. ]

1 comment:

  1. Loving that print you posted. Now I'm inspired to spice up some blank walls...